The heart of Ramm footwear is the magic link between style and comfort, which in our opinion, is in short supply in today’s market. Most quality English shoes are still manufactured with 19th century processes. While this look and nostalgia still appeals to some, our mission is to create classic footwear for the future utilising quality materials and modern methods that are more ‘sneaker culture’ than fashion system. Formal needn’t be unimaginative nor unhealthy; after all our feet are a true triumph of biomechanical engineering and they are not designed to spend all day in constrictive shoes.  This is modern footwear for our modern lives.


 Ramm footwear’s designer, Kevin Martel, is an experienced footwear and accessories designer with over 25 years experience designing footwear for some of the industry’s greatest brands.

“I am making shoes for today and selling direct to my customers. Guys that grew up in trainers are not going to tolerate dress shoes made with 19th century processes and certainly don’t want to shop that way either.”

– Kevin Martel, Designer/Founder

Kevin Martel is a founder and Creative Director of Ramm Design, a London based design studio specialising in footwear and accessories design. Martel has designed footwear and accessories for some of the most iconic names in men's fashion including Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani.

Today, Martel and Ramm Design collaborate with a variety of leading footwear, automotive and lifestyle companies to create innovative footwear and accessories utilising the latest technologies and material research.